Am I a Good Candidate for TMS Therapy?

You may be a good candidate for TMS therapy if you suffer from depression, but are not benefiting from antidepressants, or wish to seek an alternative to antidepressants. This treatment is clinically proven to treat the symptoms of depression for patients who have not responded to previous antidepressant treatment.


  • Adult patients who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medications.

However, not all patients are appropriate candidates for TMS Therapy.


  • Patients with conductive, ferromagnetic, or other magnetic-sensitive metals implanted
    in their head within 30 cm of the treatment coil (i.e. cochlear implants, implanted electrodes/stimulators, aneurysm clips or coils, stents, or bullet fragments)
    • Removable objects that may be affected by the magnetic field should be removed
      from the patient before treatment to prevent possible injury (i.e. jewelry
      and hair barrettes)
  • Patients with implanted devices that are controlled by physiological signals (i.e. pacemaker)
  • Patients who have active or inactive implants (i.e. device leads, deep brain
    stimulators, cochlear implants, and vagus nerve stimulators)

To schedule an appointment or for more information about how SCTMSC and TMS Therapy might be a good fit for you, please visit our NEXT STEP page.

For more information please see "Contact Us" page.

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